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      Custom Design

      Custom Design

      At Lawlor Jewelry, we implement every skill possible, from hand sketches to full computer aided designs to create exactly what you're looking for. Step by step, we will help you navigate the custom design process.

      Below we have curated a selection of pieces, custom designed for clients of Lawlor Jewelry, for you to get a sense of our aesthetic. For more inspiration on what our workshop is capable of, we suggest heading over to our Instagram: @lawlor_jewelry

      Custom Design
      Custom Design

      Book a consultation today

      Our team here at Lawlor Jewelry firmly believes in a “no pressure” policy which is why we do our consults at no cost to you and why we have a 3D printer in store, ready to print out the wax of your concept for you to view and experience before ever needing to produce something. Our software and process has made us an industry leader and specialist in custom creations.

      Amazing stories from our customers

      Check us out @lawlor_jewelry to read more