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      Don't Worry Gents, Lawlor Love Has Got You Covered Too!

      Don't Worry Gents, Lawlor Love Has Got You Covered Too!

      It has been 6 months since we introduced our LAWLOR LOVE Collection of diamond engagement rings! We are so thrilled to be able to give all you a selection of gorgeous, exclusive engagement rings in store that you will not find anywhere else. But what about you gentlemen out there looking for something a little more than just your average wedding band?! Don't worry gents, LAWLOR LOVE has got you covered!

       We are excited to introduce our new line of LAWLOR LOVE gents wedding bands! Each one in uniquely designed for the men of today. Our designers have taken inspiration from seemingly unlikely places to create our one of a kind designs. For example, our Diamond Grip Gents Band was inspired by the handle grips of a Yamaha Virago, to keep you riding steady, till death do you part! 

       All of our bands are crafted for ultimate comfort, with curved interiors that fit to the form of your finger. They are also completely customizable to fit your own personal preferences. Choose from yellow, white, or rose gold combinations as well as a variety of finishes to make any of our LAWLOR LOVE Gents wedding bands as individual as you are. 

      Don't settle for anything less than LAWLOR LOVE! To see our full line of gents bands as well as our Lawlor Love Diamond Engagement Rings and more, go to or visit us at the Stettler Trade Show on April 12th, 13th and 14th located at the Stettler Recreation Centre. 


      Big News!

      Big News!

      Hey Guys! I am super excited to share some big news with all of you! But first I need to give you a little back story. You all know Mike right?! Mike Lawlor? Expert on all things jewelry? Custom design extraordinaire?! All round good guy?! Yea, you know him. Well, 6 years ago he moved back to Stettler from the big city to join the family business.

       At that time, we were doing some custom design work. We would do up a sketch, sent it to the goldsmith and hope it came back looking the way we had envisioned it. It was great, but Mike saw a great opportunity to improve the way we do things. Fast forward 6 years! Now we have a computer program where we can "sketch" a design and show exactly what the finished piece will look like in 3D space and make changes in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but we can also 3D print the ring for you to look over and even try on prior to production.

       These innovations have allowed us to expand our custom design work dramatically and our team now does designs for customers all over North America. Many people have asked why we don't have more custom designs in our showcases for sale. Well, that brings us to our big news!! 

       We are elated to introduce to you all, out very own collection of engagement rings, LAWLOR LOVE!

      Each ring is specially made for you from us! They are also each inscribed with our Lawlor Love logo inside the shank. These rings are one of a kind and you will not see them anywhere else! This has truly been a labor of love and we are thankful to live in a wonderfully supportive community! Thank you to all of you who have kept us going and inspired us to do our best every day! Check out the full collection on our web site.






      Welcome to our brand new Website! We are so happy to finally unveil it in all it's glory to you. We have worked hard over the last month to strive to give you the best experience with everything from social connections with us the staff, to updated blog posts on a regular basis, and of course Online Shopping for Diamonds!! Who doesn't love spoiling themselves every once in awhile! We will be sharing all sorts of exciting news, product announcements, and sharing engagement stories so be sure to keep an eye out for all upcoming posts!

      We appreciate all your support and please give us feedback if there is anything you like, love or hate about our new site!