Alicia & Cody

Our Lawlor Love Story

If you had told me I'd meet my future husband on Tinder, I would've laughed. But hey, life's full of surprises! Our first date was centered on the Super Bowl – we even made a bet on who would win! Clearly, I was the victor, as Cody drove two hours from Edmonton to Lacombe to meet me. Let's just say his burger-eating skills left a lasting impression...there was definitely going to be a second date!

A Love that Grew Stronger

I knew early on I wanted to build a life with Cody. Sometimes couples grow together, sometimes they drift apart – and luckily, we were the kind that grew stronger with time.

The Perfect Christmas Surprise

Cody always poked fun at Christmas proposals, so imagine my shock when he popped the question on Christmas morning! After the whirlwind of Santa with the kids, he told me to wait in our room for my gift. I grumbled (what can I say, I'm not a morning person), but when I walked out, there he was, with the kids, holding a sign that said "Mommy, will you marry Daddy?" Cue the waterworks – mine, and then the kids started crying too because of me! It was perfectly chaotic.

The Ring of My Dreams

Apparently, Cody's a great listener. Years ago, I'd dropped some not-so-subtle hints about my dream ring, and he absolutely nailed it. When I saw it for the first time, I was blown away – it was exactly what I'd envisioned!

Why We Chose Lawlor Jewelry

Supporting local businesses is important to us. We grew up around here and knew Alexis and Mike at Lawlor Jewelry would provide amazing service and make the whole experience easy.

Our Future...and Our Wedding

Our wedding day will be all about love, laughter, and zero stress. Fancy details don't matter that much, we just want everyone to have a blast! As for the future? Raising kind kids, and then when they're grown, it's time for Cody and me to hit the road and see the world.