Jasmine & Brian

Our Lawlor Love Story

Sometimes, the best things in life happen when you least expect them. If you had told me a few years ago that I'd find the love of my life on a dating app, I probably wouldn't have believed you. Yet, here I am, about to marry my best friend, Brian.

The Match That Changed Everything

Brian and I met online in 2019. We were both ready to give up on online dating when we matched. My first impression of Brian on our first date was that he has a strong sense of who he is, both as a person and as a father. I could tell that his children are his pride and joy. Our first date in Bowness Park felt more like catching up with an old friend than meeting someone new. We talked for hours, sharing our hopes and dreams, and that feeling of being 'home' has been a constant in our relationship ever since. We both knew we'd found someone truly special.

A Love that Feels Destined

Falling in love with Brian came easily and naturally. We clicked on fundamental things – wanting a family, sharing a commitment to lifelong partnership. It wasn't a dramatic surprise when the topic of engagement came up, it was more like a joyful inevitability.

What I cherish most about Brian is his kind heart and the way he always puts others first. He treats me with respect and makes me feel loved every single day. Our relationship is a true partnership, one where we balance each other's needs and offer unwavering support.

The Perfect Proposal

Brian's proposal was a dream. He conspired with my best friend, planning to revisit Bowness Park – the scene of our first date. As we walked near the water, she started texting him frantically (I later found out he was hiding nearby!). Suddenly, he was in front of me, on one knee, holding out a ring. Through happy tears, I choked out a "Yes!" followed by laughter as he almost forgot to actually put the ring on my finger!

The Ring of My Dreams

For years, I'd been drawn to the Olivia ring from Lawlor Jewelry. It's rose gold, with a delicate oval diamond – timeless, elegant, and perfect for me. When Brian wanted to replace the heirloom ring he'd initially proposed with, I knew exactly where to go. Lawlor Jewelry felt like the right fit – their beautiful designs and commitment to being a local, family-owned business won me over.

Our Future, Shining Bright

I can't wait to marry Brian. We're planning a summer wedding with a relaxed garden theme, just like I always imagined. And our future? It's filled with growing our family, supporting each other through thick and thin, and hopefully, lots of travel and adventures.

My Advice for Finding Your Perfect Ring

Be true to yourself. Talk openly with your partner about what you love and don't be afraid to dream big. Find a jeweler like Lawlor Jewelry, a place where you feel heard and understood. After all, your engagement ring is a symbol of your forever love – it deserves to be just as amazing as your relationship.

Photography: Chelsey Key Photography