Courtney & Colin

Our proposal story

It was my birthday, Colin and I were having a chill night-- and I thought it would be fun to get out of the house and go for a drive. We went to our special spot in the coolies, and got out to enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere. We were hugging and looking out to the beautiful surroundings when Colin went down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM!! I went into shock-- I was not expecting anything like this to happen on our evening stroll. I said YES! We were both just over the moon in excitement and enjoying the moment. Then we both agreed that it was time to tell our family! My family doesn’t live around the Stettler area-- so we called and let them know the exciting news. Then we drove over to see Colin’s parents and informed the rest of his family to follow!

How we met 

We both like to chuckle over how we met. It was in the middle of haying season on the farms. I was floating the land, and Colin was cutting hay for his boss. I was bored in my tractor so I went onto Tinder thinking that I was going to delete the app from my phone, and as fate would have it-- Colin was also bored in his tractor and went onto the app as well. Not expecting anything out of it and just living life to the fullest, we ended up finding our true love forever! Colin and I chatted multiple times over the phone for two weeks before we went on our first date together. During one of our phone chats, he asked me if I liked flowers. It didn’t even dawn on me that he was getting these details for our first date. A lot of people told Colin that he didn’t need to do flowers, but Colin being the genuine great guy he is, figured why not and surprised me! By the end of our first date, we both knew that we didn't want to lose each other from there on out.

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?

Yes, we both figured we would end up together. From all the morning, mid-day and late-night conversations-- to the laughs, giggles, strength, and encouragement we offered one another. Waking up knowing we had our forever friend to help up out on the sunniest to darkest days, made our relationship even more rewarding!

Favourite part of your relationship?

Our favourite part of our relationship is knowing that we always have each other's back whenever we need it. The continuous laughs we share and all of the blonde moments that I'm always having. Most importantly the one-on-one time we get to spend together.

What do you look forward to for the rest of your life together?

We are looking forward to seeing our relationship continue to grow, starting a family together, and eventually buying our place together.

Why did he or you choose the ring you did?

Colin custom-designed the engagement ring with Mike. The reason Colin choose my ring is that the elegant, yet simple design matched my personality.

Why Lawlor Jewelry?

It is a local family-run business that has always been great to the community and our family. They are just incredible people to work with on any project you can think of!

Couple: Courtney Corbiere & Colin Foot
Photography: Pheasantback Photography
Ring: Custom Taylor