Tessa & Davis

Tell us your proposal story

Davis: I wanted to do it in front of our closest friends and I had two occasions in 2020 to choose from, her 30th birthday in February or a group camping trip planned for Canada Day weekend in July. I got in contact with Mike in early January and it just so happened we were able to come together with the design and weight of the ring. The turn around was so quick that her birthday became the perfect time to propose. I had rented a private room at a local eatery on Whyte Ave, surrounded by our closest friends, much of which was our probable wedding party, and waited until dinner was over to clink my glass and get everyone’s attention. I made a speech about how I was thankful everyone could come out and make Tessa’s 30th such a special day, and wanted to add just one more thing! I got down on one knee, said a few special things to her, and asked her if she would make me the luckiest guy in the world and marry me. The rest is history!


How we met

Davis: We met through Tinder in December of 2017, and our first time meeting was our first date at a board game cafe on Whyte Ave!

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?

Davis: I knew early on in our relationship we would end up together. Two months in and we both told each other we loved the other! We gelled in so many ways, made each other laugh, and had an instant chemistry and spark that spread into a wildfire.

Tessa: I definitely knew there was something special about Davis from our first date onward, as unbelievable as that may sound. The chemistry and instantaneous connection between us was unlike anything I’d ever experienced! I’m a bit more of a pessimist than Davis however, so I can’t say I knew we’d end up together for sure, but I surely hoped so!

Favorite part of your relationship?

Davis: Going to concerts and events, taking long bike rides together ending in brunch, exploring new spots in our city together, getting drinks on patios on hot summer days, skating in the winter, trips together and with friends, and spontaneous laughing fits about the stupidest little things. But if I HAD to choose one, my favorite part is after I have cooked us a delicious meal for dinner, and we are cuddling together on the couch, we turn on 90 Day Fiancé or Married at First Sight and talk the upmost trash about the couples featured. Haha, she turned me on to trash TV and I have never looked back!

Tessa: My favorite part of our relationship would be how we share such similar senses of humor! The ability to sass one another without either of us taking the other too seriously. Plus our shared interest in garbage television (I may have played a major part in Davis’ introduction to said media) definitely is a major bonus!

What do you look forward to for the rest of your life together?

Davis: The next steps! Buying a home and raising a family together is definitely what I look forward to the most! 

Tessa: I look forward to more travelling together, buying a home, and most of all, beginning our family! 

Why did he or you choose the ring you did?
Davis: I listened to the times she said she disliked certain shapes and styles, and made notes in my phone. Mostly I took inspiration from her grandmothers ring she wears daily to go into the details and style of the band and diamond! That, and Mike definitely pushed me in some right directions on bands I didn’t know about, and weights of diamonds that would nicely feature set in it!

How did you hear about Lawlor Jewelry?

Davis: I grew up in Red Deer, and my best friend Mitch Orobko had a long time friend which whom he was living with, and that man was Mike Lawlor! Not only that, but all 3 of us worked together at EB Games in RD and quickly grew thick as thieves and great friends! And it's not just because of my close relationship with Mike and Alexis, it’s also their wealth of knowledge in the field, ability to educate, and their creative minds to know what would look good. Plus their turn around time in my case was phenomenal!