Erica & Bobby

The proposal story

It was an event, to say the least lol. Here is the short of the long: Bobby...he’s such a patient man. It took him hours to get me to a private location on Parksville Beach in BC. When he finally got me somewhere where there wasn’t an audience, he looked off into the distance, thought he saw a pod of whales and asked me to check it out on my zoom lens. I didn’t even hesitate! Whales?!! To my surprise, when I turned around he was on one knee. I tried so many times in the past to envision what my feelings would be in that moment...and even though I’ve experienced it, I’m still not sure how to describe it. But I much lol. The best part was how he asked me... "Wanna be my wife?” and I appropriately responded with, “Ya”. And then I said thank you haha.

How we met
Funny enough, we lived in the same town, went to the same high school, and knew some of the same people... But our paths wouldn’t cross until 3 years later after Bobby graduated and moved to Stettler while I was still in school. My sister and I worked at the same restaurant for a bit, and when Bobby came back to Airdrie to visit friends, he would have breakfast at the restaurant and hang out with my sister. One day she introduced us... And on that very same day, Bobby offered to drive me home after work, I texted my mom, told her I was getting a ride home from a guy, and then we drove around talking for 4 hours... It was the most instant connection I’ve ever had with someone.

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?
I knew I wanted to be with Bobby for the rest of my life after only being together for 2 months. I was only 17 at the time. I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to be with. I didn’t doubt it then and I don’t doubt it now.

Favorite part of your relationship?
Bobby is my Soulmate. We do everything together and we always have. Our relationship is honest, silly, and sometimes secret. We love to laugh, we make each other laugh, and we support each other. No matter how tough life has gotten, we come out better than we went in.

What do you look forward to for the rest of your life together?
Whatever comes next! Some of the things we’ve talked about for so many years are about to happen. or aren’t too far ahead from today. Marriage, babies, and maybe a home? Seems so traditional and yet, the relationship goals we had that once felt so far away, are now so close to becoming real. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it.

Why did he or you choose the ring you did?
Oh man...this incredible ring was a TEAM effort I think. Bobby had seen a jacket wedding ring/band in Lawlor so many years ago and I just didn’t care for the Style to be honest. I knew I wanted a cushion or round halo and Bobby carried that with him for sure! What surprised me was how much he cared about the diamond and included my birthstone into the ring as well. I’m so happy he got to work with Mike on that part of the ring! Then I got the privilege to be apart of the second portion of the ring. When Bobby was describing the idea to me, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. So naturally (because I’m so impatient) I tried googling or building the ring he was describing and kept getting double halo rings. I was sold once I saw that. What’s so cool about the ring is each component that went into it making it came from so many different perspectives and made it the piece it is now. I love my ring so much because of the amount of thoughts and opinions that went into it.

How did you hear about Lawlor Jewelry?
We chose Lawlor because of so many things! We have been shopping with Lawlor for years, they're a local business, their product quality is always the best, there is so much care for customers in the store, we were remembered/greeted by name each time we entered the store...and not just by Mike and Alexis...but by all the staff! Lastly...its the overall genuine atmosphere. It’s that family feeling and it’s the kindness. That's why ♥️

Couple: Erica Stevens & Bobby Stevens
Photography: Chloe Photo
Ring: Lawlor Jewelry