Morgan & Parker

The proposal story

Parker was quite sneaky about his proposal! After designing my ring, he spent a few months conversing with my sister and best friends about how and where to propose.

It was Christmas morning; we woke up, had some coffee, made some breakfast, and we began opening each other's presents in our living room. After we had gone through our stockings and sufficiently spoiled each other with gifts, he pulled out a book I had written for his birthday about all the reasons why I loved him.

He flipped to a page where he had written, “A Christmas proposal. This book has made a lot of miles in my truck, and whenever I see it, it reminds me of my love for you. Will you marry me?”

The only thing I could focus on was the word proposal, as he reached for the small box sitting on our mantle. At that point, I was crying, and he said he blacked out, and he could barely finish asking me to marry him before I said yes and had the ring on my finger!

How we met
Parker and I both grew up in the town of Stettler, separated by only two years in school, yet our paths never crossed until we were in our 20s. A few years after high school, I joined the Shit Kids, a ball team that is now filled with my closest friends and soon-to-be family members!

During my second season with the Shit Kids, we were at a tournament in Bashaw in August of 2018, a late ball tournament and one that we were not sure if we were even going to play in. I had grown to be very good friends with Drew (Parker’s younger brother) and Sky (Drew’s then-girlfriend, now wife), who were on the team, and on that weekend, Parker passed through Bashaw on his way home from work.

While watching the home run derby, Sky started working her magic and tossed around the idea that Parker and I should start talking. We began talking and casually seeing each other but didn’t officially date for quite a long time.

However, while Parker was away at work and I was in university, we would call each other every Sunday and have great long chats, and I knew that he would become a very special person in my life. We began dating in May of 2019 and have been inseparable ever since.

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?
I think i knew before we were even dating that Parker was the man I wanted to marry. One of the biggest characteristics I was looking for in a partner was kindness, and Parker is one of the kindest and most generous souls I have ever met, even when he tries to put on a stoic front.

We had gone on a trip to Mexico shortly before we started dating, and on one of the excursions, we were supposed to swim through a dark tunnel, and we needed goggles to do so. One lady had forgotten to bring her contacts, and the goggles wouldn’t go over her glasses, so Parker proceeded to guide her all the way through the dark tunnel, alerting her to deep areas, sharp rocks, and sudden corners.

Not only is he extremely kind and thoughtful, but he is probably the hardest working man I know, and we both challenge one another to continue to grow as individuals and as a couple. He embodies all the characteristics I want and need in a partner, and I am so thankful that he is my soon-to-be forever partner in this life.

Favorite part of your relationship?

My favorite part of our relationship is that he's truly and fully my best friend. He is the one I want to spend all my happiest days with, the one I want to confide in and run to when I've had a bad day, and most importantly, the one I want to grow old and grumpy with.

We enjoy many of the same activities, such as camping, side-by-siding, playing hockey, and travelling. We also enjoy competing against one another (in the most friendly manner), and we even have a crib scoreboard in our house where he is beating me by quite a significant amount. We are constantly trying to out-wit one another, and there is so much joy in my life when we are around one another.

What do you look forward to for the rest of your life together?

I look forward to building a life in Stettler, hopefully on an acreage, where we can raise our kiddos and new puppy Cash, just like how we were both raised.

I also look forward to spending many hours attending our kids’ sporting/extracurricular events, whatever they may include. We are both determined to coach our kids in hockey and already have a competition about who will be the better coach!

I mostly look forward to the many more memories I will get to share and create with him. I even look forward to the mundane, busy, or messy memories as I know he will be right by my side through it all.

Why did he or you choose the ring you did?
I definitely gave some pretty strong hints about what I would like, but he and Mike custom-designed my ring, and it blew any expectations I had out of the water!

I have always loved the look of a three-stone ring as it is traditional and is said to represent a couple’s past, present, and future. However, my favorite detail on my engagement ring is that it has 19 stones on it (by a total fluke), and 19 is my favorite number!

Why Lawlor Jewelry?
Parker and I are local Stettlerites and try to support local businesses where we can. Parker has bought a few pieces of jewelry for me from Lawlor’s over the years, and I wear them every day.

The whole team at Lawlor Jewelry is so fantastic to work with and craft the most stunning pieces of jewelry, which made them the obvious choice for our rings.

My engagement ring, wedding band, and Parker’s future wedding band, have been purchased at Lawlor’s because we know and trust that the quality will be exceptional and last a lifetime!