Jamie & Ryan

Tell us your proposal story

Ryan and I took a drive out to Abraham lake to do our Christmas photos, we went to three different spots to find the perfect backdrop. I thought it was strange that Ryan wanted to do just one more photo, and that’s when he surprised me by getting down to one knee and proposing!

How we met
Ryan and I met on Tinder. We chatted for a few months before he finally got the courage to ask me on a date!

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?
I knew Ryan was the one the day I met him. I called my mom shortly after our first date and told her that I found my husband haha! As for Ryan he knew shortly after we started officially dating on our first trip away to Canmore!

Favourite part of your relationship?
We are literally the same person. We are always finishing one another’s sentences, and we are always on the same page because of how well we communicate with each other.

What do you look forward to for the rest of your life together?
Travelling and creating a family together. We both can’t wait to be parents one day!

Why did he or you choose the ring you did?
Ryan had a feeling it was the most me. It matched my style and personality!

How did you hear about Lawlor Jewelry?
Our great friends Robert Spensley and Aimee Pennell are mutual friends with Mike & Alexis Lawlor!
Couple: Jamie Feldmeier & Ryan Wiun