Randi & Brett

Tell us your proposal story

Brett proposed at sunset while walking along the Tangolunda Beach in Huatulco, Mexico on February 12, 2019!

How we met

We met at a wedding dance in Halkirk! Although we had our eyes on each other for much longer than that!

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?

It was a happy surprise to meet at the wedding dance, but after our first date we both knew we would be together always.

Favorite part of your relationship?

We are best friends and truly enjoy every minute together. We laugh a lot, learn so much from each other and we are always on the same page.

Short or long engagement?

A year and a half.

Why did he or you choose the ring you did?

Brett brought ideas of what he envisioned for the ring and Mike made it a reality and more, with his attention to detail and tasteful ideas!

How did you hear about Lawlor Jewelry?

Lawlor Jewelry has always been a popular name around town and Brett is super fortunate to have Mike as one of his closest friends. It was a no brainer to choose Lawlor Jewelry for our rings! It was such a fun and easy experience and we would have not wanted it any other way!

Couple: Randi Cassidy & Brett Bartman
Photography: Sweetlight Photography