Sonya & Chad

Tell us your proposal story

I have been “patiently” waiting on our engagement as it’s been 4.5 years now! We went to San Diego on a get away and I thought it might be happening, and there I was flying home with no ring and thinking I was crazy for expecting it! The next week after coming home we went to Chad's parents farm where I like to ride my horse and we went around on quads. We sat and visited for a bit at the half way point and just before we started to head home I turned around to find him on one knee! Best day ever!

How we met

I met Chad by tracking him down on Facebook ! I had always heard of him, and one night after going out with friends I got the nerve to do it.... I asked him for his autograph haha! It feels embarrassing now, liquid courage had me going!

Did you know you would end up together or was it a happy surprise?

Right when I met him I knew I wanted to spend forever with him! I love how he makes life an adventure, we’re always travelling somewhere fun, going on date nights, or starting crazy business ideas we have!

Favorite part of your relationship?

My favorite part of our relationship is every year we look back and have experienced more adventures than we would have imagined together! We both love travelling, and every day is full of laughs. Chad is gone a lot of our relationship but it doesn’t bother either of us cause we always make our time together count!

Short or long engagement?

We got engaged on October 20th and we are getting married September 26, 2020 which will also be our five year anniversary!

Tell us about the ring he chose

I literally got the ring I had dreamed of, and I had never told Chad of a ring this beautiful cause I never imagined having one of my own honestly! It’s a cushion cut diamond with a halo and diamonds on the band . He designed it himself with Mike and absolutely crushed it!

How did you hear about Lawlor Jewelry?

Chad has known Mike for a long time and always wants to support local ! He has made a lot of rings that I have loved on social media as well!

Couple: Sonya Marquart & Chad Bauman
Photography: Venture Images